A great kid's book!

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A great kid's book!

We're delighted and very excited to have a number of live school & charity readings booked into our diary after the Easter break - and what better illustrated children's book to showcase than Fash, Chaps N' Banz! 

The story follows a quirky family as they embark on a Friday night dinner that will change their lives forever! As Father realises what Mother is cooking, he starts to sing a hilarious and catchy song. The song is infectious, with the rest of the family joining in and singing along too.

Then out of nowhere, they hear a loud knock at the door from Snazzy Lady, the Record Producer, who wants to turn their song into a hit for the radio.

The Family dress up as rock and pop stars throughout the decades and have their hit song ready for the World to listen to.

To date, the book has been a great local success for PMGJ Storybooks, based in West Lothian, Scotland.

"They have found a niche' in the storybook market, allowing all families to relate to their somewhat hilarious ways of spending time as a group. And, as each parent who inevitably reads the bedtime story, find themselves singing a song with what sounds like some made up words. It's a feel good story, pulling upon the dream of being a popstar whilst maintaining the reality of everyday, family life" explains James Welsh (Author & Grandparent).

So off pops our writer, Paul, to showcase his creative talents for our youngest of budding writers and illustrators. Perhaps even to a school near you...

Want to buy the book? Go to: www.pmgjstorybooks.com

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