From Concept to Creation

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From Concept to Creation

We’ve been running our storybooks business for 6 months now, during the most difficult economic times in our (Paul & Graeme’s) 33 years on this earth.

But we’ve still made it work, launching two wonderfully unique children’s stories with reasonable sales behind the. On reflection it’s made us think about the “what if’s”...

What if the pandemic never happened, where would we be? Would it have pushed us to create our business or would we trundle along being caught up with the normal distractions in life?

No matter what, we are where we are. Are we are continuing to work hard, break down barriers and create wonderful stories for children and their families to enjoy for years to come.

With our new adventure storybook gathering so much pace we wanted to give our followers a very early sneaky peak!

It’s fun, imaginative and has an awesome new song to sing along to! We’re still a long way from publishing, but it’s very exciting progress. We’ve proven to ourselves that we are able to create and achieve whilst operating with one arm tied behind our backs, which isn’t easy when trying and illustrating.

February 12th 2021

Paul Walsh / Graeme Young

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