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As we continue to plug away during the pandemic, it came as a wonderful surprise this week that we’d managed to become published into Waterstones. Whilst we’ve only been operating as a small storytelling business for 6 months (if not less) it was exactly the boost we needed this week.  Our credibility as a storytelling duo has increased and with that has an even bigger audience for our wonderful illustrated and comedic books.  As we realign our focus, we’ve managed to finish the writing of TWO stories this week! One aimed at our 4-9 age audience and the other, our...

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We’ve been running our storybooks business for 6 months now, during the most difficult economic times in our (Paul & Graeme’s) 33 years on this earth. But we’ve still made it work, launching two wonderfully unique children’s stories with reasonable sales behind the. On reflection it’s made us think about the “what if’s”... What if the pandemic never happened, where would we be? Would it have pushed us to create our business or would we trundle along being caught up with the normal distractions in life? No matter what, we are where we are. Are we are continuing to work...

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