Fash, Chaps n’ Banz - SCOT’S EDITION!

Our ever popular musical adventure is back, this time better than ever! Re-written in the native tongue of author Paul, Scot’s! And re-illustrated  by the ever talented Graeme Young.

"A tale eh yin laddies tea-time disaster that ends in an pure braw-tastic faimily adventure!"

Tae be rid together, or oan yer ain, this 26 page picture book fur the weans follows the journey of Jay, the Wee Yin, and their Maw & Faither, as they sing n’ record a belter ae a tune!

Fae embarrassing tea-time dancin’ and singing’, tae a faimily dressed up like pop n’ rock stars, this book has it aw - even a wee sing along! All wi a wee helping hand fae Snazzy Lady!

Rated 5 STARS on Amazon! Suitable for ages 3+

Please be aware that colours of the characters in the books may vary slightly from on screen.