Publish & Sell Your Children's Book With PMGJ Storybooks

At PMGJ Storybooks, we know the complexities of taking a story from concept to a physical, held-in-hand product. There are so many things to consider such as page quality, printing, ISBN and shipping.

That's why we have launched our 'Publish Me' service where all you need is your story and a budget.

You see, we think it's unfair that after the Authors and Illustrators have done all the hard work, pouring their life and soul into creating their art, they suffer a financial hammering by the big online retailers where any sale you make, delivers pennies and not pounds.

We want to change that.

So with PMGJ Storybooks, our 'Publish Me' Service takes care of as little, or as much of the following:

  • Consultation to understand your vision and requirements.
  • Provision of an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and publication onto Nielsen Book Data Services.
  • Publication under the growing PMGJ Storybooks brand.
  • Publication onto for a seamless customer purchasing process.
  • In-House Illustrator (if required).
  • All Printing requirements including layout.
  • Management of all Shipping requirements.
  • Marketing (including promotion on PMGJ Storybooks Social Media).
  • Plus many more, bespoke needs you may have.

Once we've understood your full requirements we'll build and provide you with a Service Quote. Then we're ready to get your amazing story out there.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let's get going!

*Please check your ‘Junk Mail’ when expecting a response.

A young boy reading and laughing to a funny children's story called 'Fash, Chaps n' Banz!'